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Artist, Musician, Cook, Gamer and all around Nerdist, Theresa painted some cartoon characters with square heads one day and all of her friends and fans asked for more. Now she makes MUCH more. Squaracters! Buy Some!

Dare to go SQUARE!

Hand painted characters for all!Prints and original art!
Fanart, Portraits OR Squarify your original characters!
I hope to have pins, stickers and other fun stuff in the near future!
Single characters or an entire series! Customize your layouts to suit your framing and display needs!

The Squareheads was a happy accident.
In February of 2011, I took part in an online art competition that required me and other challengers to create and upload a piece of art every day for that month.
Halfway through the challenge I got stuck and resorted to using a square cookie cutter to trace squares on a scrap piece of paper. This lead to three little paintings of some cartooncharacters and it was very well received by the other artists.
I began making more and before long, I was being asked to docommissions and custom characters!
So now im making it a full time project to make everybodysfavourite people, both real and fictional, original or copyrighted, become Square-headed works or art!

Every piece is hand painted to ensure plenty of detail and lots of personality and uniqueness!

Rock on!
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Friday, 27 July 2012


Hi guys! So Im hard at work getting posters and prints assembled for the show. It proving a challenge as I cant stand boring repetitive Photoshoping. For now, here are a few of the posters I will be having this year. They will range between 11x17 and 8.5x11 Of course If you would like something a little more custom, let me know and I would be happy to oblige!.
At the bottom is a fun reminder of the very first Squaracters, before I knew what I was getting myself into. Its been fun to see these guys evolving and breaking old guidelines and rules. I cant wait to have all the grunt work done so I can get back to painting more!
I hope to have the blog completely updated with all of the posters and Squaracters before the Con.

 The Breaking Bad Boys. 
 Legend of Zelda
 Team Avatar
I think I nailed Tenzin's wise grump.
 Futurama will be getting some additional characters and I am planning on making updated paintings to match how the style has evolved. Im tellin ya, its hard to capture characters with so little facial features and who were never designed to be looked at head-on.
 Portal will also be having a re-paint. All in due time of course. The voice in my head just screams "you can do better than this now!
 The Captains! I know Archer isnt here but I have a hard time accepting him as a classic captain. I WILL paint him if it is commissioned from me.
 The first official Squaracters series. Yes, they are the oldest so I will deffinately be re-painting them all. Hex and Megabyte are already done and the comparison is amazing. its like comparing season 1 to the season 4 movies haha!
 This one will have added Characters but for now its the classic select screen!

 The Team Fortress 2 posters did REALLY well last year. Im going to be making extras.
And the very first Squaracters! They are about 2 inches tall and were a 20 minute scramble to meet a personal deadline. They've come a looooong way baaaybe!

Be sure to check out http://squaracters.deviantart.com/ for rough drafts, sketches, progress shots and more!
Friday, 13 July 2012

Prints and posters and posts OH MY!

Well I've been busy with many square related activities. I've had commissions and portraits and sales of posters and cards for the past few weeks and it has been fantastic!
I have officially painted 100 Squaracters as of this morning and I am almost ready to take a break and start making layouts for the show in August. There is so much work to do!

I have begun to update my first series of squaracters and it begins with Re Boot's Megabyte and Hexadecimal. I decided to model them after the last time we saw them. Megabyte in his partially web degraded, trojan form and Hexadecimal as she was at the end of Daemon rising. I would have done her in sprite mode or in the remodelled outfit that Megabyte gave her but they were either too white or too black and I wanted to have lots of colour and detail. I will be doing the rest of the gang in the future but right now I have to get all these guys edited and ready to make prints! I will be having more posters  for folks who want to add to their collection of rolled up posters without frames.

Posters will include: Portal, Re-Boot, Star Trek TOS and TNG as well as a poster of the captains!
If I can get a Batman out on time, I will do a poster with he, Joker and Harley. I till also have Futurama, TF2 and hopefully an Adventure time poster. There will be something for everybody. I am not above making custom posters for folks as well. If people want to pick and choose different characters, I will turn them into a poster and either send you the high quality print file OR you can visit me at Fanexpo and request a poster!  Fun stuff!

If you arent going to be at Fanexpo, I will always make commissions a priority.

Thanks guys!

My cozy humble workstation. It is actually a walk-in closet!
My commission for Toronto artist Daniel Anaka

Everybody gets one.

Megabyte WIP

Megabreath this, Megabarf that.

Chaos will always triumph over order! It is the way of things.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Celebratory Raffle Time!


Alright! Things are beginning to become more organized as far as the internet is concerned.
Im getting a bunch of new drawings ready and will be posting them as they are completed. Im always taking custom orders and portrait commissions but right now I would like to draw attention to the amount of Squaracters I have managed to create. Im sitting at 89! that means I have 11 more to go and I've hit 100 Squares!

As a little celebratory thing, I would like to offer a freebie to a lucky fan!

You can take an original painting, as for a custom character or even a portrait of you or a friend!

Leave a comment and what you would like and I will stick everyone's name in a hat and pick a winner!

The raffle will be up for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! So tell your friends and lets all try to get some free art!!  As well as a framed original painting (witch would cost about $100) you can also get the sketches. Fun stuff!

My most recent commissions will be posted within the week!



*Original paintings are gouache on Stonehenge. 
Canvas size - 6x5
Character size - 4x3
Head is 3x3 and body is 3x1

A simple frame will be included as well as original sketches. 
Original will have a date and artist signature 

Find the Facebook fanpage and follow the squaracters on Twitter!
You can also find me on Deviantart where prints will be made available by the end of the month.
Prints, posters, stickers and magnets are all for sale as well as original paintings!

If you are planning on visiting the Toronto area this August between the 23rd and 26th, come by the Toronto Metro Convention Centre and Experience the chaos and glory that is FAN EXPO!
You will find me there in artist alley, surrounded by a whole gaggle of Squaracters!
Its about 20 bucks for a day pass!
Friday, 29 June 2012

The countdown to Con

Hey guys! Glad to see the new squaracters are loved!

I've got about 30 new ones from the past month and I still have another month to go! So busy!

There will be some DBZ, Ghost busters, Batman and other 'mans' some additions to the Futurama series as well as a few randoms like V, Hellboy and maybe a surprise or two!

I've got some commissions as well. Custom portraits! Everybody wants to be Squaracterized! I will post them as I finish them. Commissions are always being accepted! Turn your favourite character into a Squaracter!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A few new ones. They will be added to the main list tomorrow.
Ive been trying to get at least one painting done per day!

Keep checking back!

Monday, 4 June 2012


"THEY TOOK THE MONEY FOR FANEXPO!" I hear the news being shouted from the next room.
I've been doing the stupidest and most amazing happy dance you could imagine for days. I see no sign of it stopping any time soon.

Ive been working on overdrive for the past few days, pumping out drawings for the next round of Squaracter paintings. More posters, cards and hopefully buttons! Ive opened an Etsy shop and will get on posting products as soon as I bust out a handful of finished paintings.

I had SUCH a great time at my first booth last year:
Oh man I cant wait to live off of Arizona iced teas and no name cheese strings. This time for 4 days instead of three!
That reminds me, the dates and times this year are as follows:

AUGUST 23-26     At - Metro Toronto Convention Centre  (Subway-Union Station)

Thurs: 23rd - 4pm-9pm
Fri: 24th - 10am-7pm
Sat: 25th - 10am-7pm
Sun: 26th - 10am-5pm

Table number is in the mail but make sure you come visit me and the other artist in

Right now I have completed drawings for: 
             Cptn America
      Iron man
             Cptn Ben Sisko
      Sub Zero
       The Dude
       M. Bison

A few more and the painting BEGINS.